Friday, 4 February 2011

Day 5

Well, the last day of activities arrived to the children taking a while to wake up! Most of them ate their breakfast still wearing their pyjamas!
The weather was not very kind to us, it was blowing a gale and raining. However, that did not dampen our spirits and we carried on with the activities.
Group A went to Porth Yr Ogof Caves for some caving. Luckyily enough the caves had not flooded and the children were able to enjoy the caving experience, including the 'Letterbox'!!. Group B went on an adventure. Stu, the instructor, hoped to take the children zip wiring over a waterfall, however, due to the wind it was a little dangerous, so after a quick trip back to the house to fetch new equipment, they eventually went abseiling over a bridge on the River Wye.
Group C went Horse riding. It was very windy at the Bryngwyn Stables, but the children enjoyed learning how to saddle, groom, mount and dismount a horse.
The evening consisted of packing, cleaning and a disco!
It has been a fantastic week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their behaviour has been excellent.
Thank you children for a great week, from Mrs Everingham and Miss Simmonds.

Group A - Adventure

Group C - Horse Riding

Day 4

The sun was shining this morning as the children arose.... very slowly! The fun activities were certainly taking their toll! Once the children had eaten their breakfast and finished their jobs around the house, it was time to set off for another exciting day!

Group A were Mountain walking, Group B were Horse riding and Group C were canoeing. Luckily the weather was very kind to us, although it was very windy!

Group A went mountain climbing up the Red Gully, which led onto The Twmpa Mountain. At first glance it seemed an impossible task, with lots of rocks, mud and sheep in the way. However, the children were fantastic and soon arrived at the summit of Twmpa where 45miles per hour gales met us! Hugh, the instructor, pulled out a survival tent for the children to sit under to keep warm for ten minutes. On the way down, Hugh let the children lie on their backs and slide down some of the way!

Group B went to Bryngwyn Stables and had a fantastic day learning how to groom, mount and dismount and to steer the horse. They were taken to an outdoor arena where they had to overcome some obstacles and in the afternoon, went on the hillside for a trot!

Group C went canoeing down the River Wye. They worked well as a team and soon arrived their destination for lunch earlier than expected. Stu, the instructor collected a lot of dead wood and made a camp fire for the children to sit around while they ate their lunch!

In the evening, despite the wind and a little rain, Hugh, took the children out to an assault course in the grounds of the house. They absolutley loved trying to scale walls and walking on ropes etc. They were filthy coming back to the house! We rounded the evening off with a girly and lads night!

Today was a brilliant day for all, and we are hoping that our last day is just as exciting!

Group B - Horse Riding

Group C - Canoeing

Evening Activities - The Assault Course

Group A - Mountain Walking

The View from the top of Twmpa

The Red Gully

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 3

The children woke to a wet and windy welsh morning. They were not as eager to get out of bed, the strenuous activites are beginning to take their toll on aching muscles... not least the staff!

Activities for the day were; Horse riding, Mountain walking and Caving. Despite the awful weather everyone had a fantastic time!

Group A who went Horse riding at Bryngwyn Stables, learnt how to groom and saddle up the ponies. They went to the riding school where they conquered an obstacle course on horse back, learnt to mount and dismount their ponies and trecked through the beautiful welsh mountains. Lots of children enjoyed it so much that their parents can expect a birthday or Christmas request for a pony!
Group B went caving in Porth Yr Ogof (Gateway to the Cave) in the Cynnon Valley. It was a very scary, challenging and adventurous day. All the children tried their best and worked well as a team to get up, down and through some very tricky cavenous holes, including the infamous 'Letterbox'!
Group C went mountain walking up Y Grib in the Brecon Beacons. It was very hard for them to walk up as it was gale force winds at the very top! Some of the children nearly blew away! Just joking , parents ! All children arrived back in one piece.

Mountain Climbing

Sliding on icy streams in the welsh mountains

Horse Riding

The children tackling the obstacle course

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Day 2

On day two, the children woke up to a warmer Glasbury! All children (and staff!), had a good night sleep and were looking forward to a very busy day ahead.

Activities for today were: Group A - Canoeing, Group B - Mountain Walking and Group C - Adventure. It was a glorious day for activities and a great time was had by all.

Group A canoed down the River Wye and unlike the group on Monday, didn't get stuck in the rapids! All children worked well together as a team and were able to steer the canoes.

Group B climbed a very high mountain in the Brecon Beacons. They did find it difficult on the climb up the mountian but on the way down they slid down on their stomachs along the ice that was still on the mountain! (Mrs Everingham throughly enjoyed that part!).

Group C were taken to Talybont - on - Usk Valley where they had to walk through a disused railway tunnel in pitch black! They then went on a zip wire over a river and went walking along waterfalls. A few children, including Miss Simmonds, fell in the water after sliding on some slippery stones!

The evening activity was a treasure hunt where the children had to find 27 different things around Glasbury House.

Another great day was had by all and from the look of some of our children, an early night may be in store!

Adventure Group

Walking alongside a stunning waterfall.

Some children walking through the waterfall!

Terrell on the Zip wire!

Some of the beautiful waterfalls we saw.
The disused railway tunnel Group C had to walk through in pitch black

Mountain Walking